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What We Do


Syzygy is always on the cutting-edge of modern technology. Whether it's software or hardware, you can count on us to provide the best.


In addition to innovating on existing designs and ideas, we are always developing our own technologies, and those of our clients.


We always have a close eye on the tech markets so that we can stay on the leading edge of market trends.

We build solutions for your everyday problems.

This is what we do in a nutshell:

R&D and Innovation


Software Engineering


Technology Consulting


Business Analysis

Client Feedback:

We don't like to brag, others do it for us.
Carter Ingrenne (Digital Engineer)

"Some of the best memories I have of working with Syzygy are all of the times when we talked just like family. There was never any bogus jargon or wild goose chases for the person I needed to speak with. It was a relaxed, organized, and innovative company filled with the most loving employees imaginable. I couldn't imagine working with any other company after my time here."  - Carter Ingrenne (Digital Engineer)

Carter Ingrenne (Digital Engineer) -
Mike Newman (Terrier Security)

"Working alongside Syzygy feels less like business than it does hanging out with friends.They always have the perfect blend of professionalism, kindness, and support. Truly no one does it like Syzygy."  - Mike Newman (Terrier Security)

Mike Newman (Terrier Security) -
Sarah Shepherd, PhD

When I was in school studying for my degree, I found the equipment there to be near-obsolete, and impossible to work with. I would've never gotten through if a friend hadn't recommended the Syzygy line of laptops, and even after graduation, I've stuck with them ever since. I don't know what I'd do without Syzygy. - Sarah Shepherd, PhD

Sarah Shepherd, PhD -
Fred Dillon (Professional Blogger with over 10,000 followers)

"As a professional blogger, I need my technology to be up to date and I need it to to be everywhere I go, That's where Syzygy has not only saved my time, but also my life. If it weren't for Syzygy I would have never been able to tell all of my followers (10,000 people) about that time a pidgeon had swooped down, stolen my wig and had left me there defenseless against my blinding baldness, NOR would I have been able to tell my followers (10,000 people) about that time I had fallen off an escalator while trying to ride of the side of it which resulted in 4 broken ribs. Thank you Syzygy, You've really saved my life. - Fred Dillon (Professional Blogger with over 10,000 followers)

Fred Dillon (Professional Blogger with over 10,000 followers) -
Pierre van Phierson (Head of Digital Business Development and Organizational Services)

We were already using Syzygy's software solutions, and have now implementated the rest of their full suite of business hardware and software assets, including fully integrated functionality for business workflow optimization and privacy tools. This project required a deep dive into the implementation and renovation of our entire portfolio of activities, and we ended up with a totally new and improved user experience. Today, our middle office relies entirely on this system and we have retired other tools used in the past. - Pierre van Phierson (Head of Digital Business Development and Organizational Services)

Pierre van Phierson (Head of Digital Business Development and Organizational Services) -


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