July 28, 2018


Syzygy Ltd. is a [secret] subsidiary of WeARGames.

WARG is an entertainment collective that produces fictional content and games for your amusement. WARG is a group of friends that enjoy making cool content for cool people. Participation in WARG projects may have a variety of side effects, up to and including: uncontrollable fits of laughter that may or may not result in urinary incontinence, sleep deprivation, talking to yourself, uncontrollable smiling, shadowy figures in your peripheral vision, smelling “mint” at various intervals, prophetic visions and/or delusions of grandeur.

Participation in an ARG or Alternate Reality Game is not for everyone, and we recommend that all players/participants do so with a careful regard to their own safety and emotional health. Participation in an ARG sometimes requires that a player/participant blend their own reality with a controlled fantasy that we create. This sometimes involves mature or potentially disturbing themes, simple roleplay, and at times involves a complete suspension of disbelief that can sometimes be confusing and/or disorienting to some people. If you are under the legal age of consent in your area, have (or think you might have) a sensitivity to any of the aforementioned things, the WARG team highly recommends you consult your parent/guardian, caregiver or medical professional to help you evaluate your ability to participate safely.
WARG is an internet based international collective, and while we cannot read every law book from every country, we encourage that you uphold all of your local laws and can take no responsibility for any illegal actions any player/participant may perform during the course of any game. We do not condone or encourage breaking the law in any way at any time. WARG cannot be held responsible for any actions that result from accessing our content, media, servers or community. This includes self-harm, harm toward others, vandalism/destruction of property and any illegal activity (both online and IRL), it is your responsibility as a player/participant to uphold all of the laws of your hometown, country, region, commune, tribe, religion, cult, school, dance troupe, horse farm, planet or plane of existence.

WARG is more than an entertainment collective, it’s a community. All members have a personal responsibility to make the WARG server (and games) a comfortable and inviting place for people of all ages and walks of life.

Most of all, remember We AR Games, and games are fun.

You can join WARG on Discord, and find us on Patreon.